History & Ethics

TERA is a full-service, custom manufacturer of high precision plastic injection molds, custom molded plastic components and complete contract assemblies.

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TERA History & Ethics Introduction

TERA PLASTICS & ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Plastic injection molding OEM / ODM Industry. TERA has been offering our customers high quality Custom Injection Molds, Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Injection Parts, Moulding & Insert Moulding, Plastic Part Assembly, Plastic Insert Molding, Custom Insert Molding with Metal, Moulding, Manufacturing Assembly since 1986. With both advanced technology and 33 years experience, TERA always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

History & Ethics

TERA Plastics History

       President David established TERA Plastics as a resin pigment specialist and provide              
       compound service for customer.
       TERA Molded Plastic is established with the addition of 6 short and long run injection molded      
       plastics presses.
       TERA relocated factory in China and expand the size of TERA's facility to 118,400 square feet.
TERA introduce complete plastic injection molds service to compliment molded plastics.
       TERA introduces mold design and engineering services to compliment its tooling and molding    
       TERA expanded the size of TERA's facility to 200,000 square feet to keep pace with the growing    
       business. And provide additional production capabilities, and demand flexibility.
       9 JAPAN JSW precision injection (450tons) molding presses was purchased and operated in late    


Code of Ethics at TERA Plastic

Business ethics (also corporate ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.

TERA will follow the standard which include, but are not limited to, honesty, respect and will abide by the law. Share earnings with our employees fairly. We treat customer as our partner, and partner will help each other achieving success.