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TERA Production Plastics Service Introduction

TERA PLASTICS & ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. is Taiwan Production Plastics supplier and manufacturer with more than 27 years experence. Since 1986, in the Plastic injection molding OEM / ODM Industry, TERA has been offering our customers high quality Production Plastics production service. With both advanced technology and 27 years experience, TERA always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Production Plastics

Production Plastics - Injection Machines
Production Plastics - Injection Machines

Production for Custom Injection Molded Plastics

TERA Molded Plastics specializes in Scientific Processing and lean manufacturing of complex injection molded plastics in the electronics, medical, automotive and consumer industries.
TERA's production facility operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on 66 molding presses ranging from 80 to 800 ton.

Scientific Processing of Engineering Grade Resins


    TERA's service extends beyond a complex geometry molded part and intricate product. You receive scientific processing for all grades of engineering resins that require:
  • Design for process tooling techniques focused on material properties
  • Extremely close tolerance tooling and inspection criteria
  • Research & development, technical support, and supplier integration
  • Precision Cooling/Heating temperature control systems
  • MoldFlow simulation

Diverse industry experience in high performance resin and processing knowledge reduces development time and improve the approval process for critical and complex molded plastics.

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